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Advantages and disadvantages of nylon fiber

Advantages and disadvantages of nylon fiber

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Advantages and disadvantages of nylon fiber

Polyamide fiber has high strength, good rigidity, excellent heat resistance and wear resistance, and is widely used in the field of textile and clothing.

But the existence of this kind of fiber hygroscopic poor and other shortcomings, resulting in wearing clothes impermeable, sweat is not easy to discharge, feeling stuffy, in short, the whole body uncomfortable.

As the weather gets hotter, this feeling becomes more frequent and frustrating...

How can we make our clothes absorb sweat and dry quickly??

Dyeing and printing solutions experts pass son
Here the child to give you a move, hygroscopic fast drying agent TF-620N, help you solve the trouble.
Intelligent moisture absorption and quick drying, so that your clothes no longer wet!


TF-620N experimental data

Q: Compared with competing products, we are also very excellent!


Q:TF-620N not only has hygroscopic quick drying, even antistatic problem is also solved together!


How does the magical effect work?? The original...

Hygroscopic quick-drying agent TF-620N is a kind of polyamide polyether block copolymer, with a polyamide chain segment similar to nylon fiber in the molecule. Therefore, the two can be fused together under the principle of similar blind date, which not only greatly improves the washing resistance,

At the same time, the special structure in the molecule also gives the fabric good hydrophilicity, fast drying and soft feel.


Chemical structure of nylon durable hygroscopic quick drying agent
Outstanding performance characteristics



A wide range of applications

Suitable for all kinds of nylon and its blend fabrics, especially recommended for sports clothing, outdoor clothing and other fabrics requiring moisture absorption and quick drying



One stop process is attached here
Through impregnation or dip rolling process and nylon and its blended fabric firmly combined, to provide a durable hydrophilic quick drying effect, improve the wearing comfort of clothing.

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